Why France

An R&D friendly environment


France offers an unrivaled research tax credit amounting to 30% of annual R&D expenses incurred in France. All companies incurring R&D or innovation expenses are eligible, regardless of their size, business sector or nationality.

In March 2016, the press agency Reuters published a ranking of the most innovative public institutions for research in the world.

French agencies were well placed in the rankings with :

  • The CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) taking the top place on the list,
  • The CNRS (The National Center for Scientific Research) coming in at number five and,
  • Inserm (French Institute for Health and Medical Research) taking the tenth spot.

With 9.2 researchers per thousand labor force, France is ranked among the leading countries in the world.

France’s 71 innovation clusters are attractive commercial ecosystems for foreign investors.

The possibilities to enter into partnerships with academic research teams are particularly appreciated by foreign entrepreneurs.

A Start-up friendly ecosystem


France is among the simplest countries in which to create a company: only five administrative procedures and four days are required, compared with an OECD average of 4.8 procedures and 9.2 days. (World Bank, Doing Business, 2015) France is also ranked first in Europe and fourth in the world for e-government. (E-Government survey, UN, 2014)

Experienced and entrepreneur-friendly investors ensure a solid seed-funding and VC ecosystem. France is third in the EU for Venture Capital Investment for Startups in 2015.

The ‘innovative new company’ status (Jeune Entreprise Innovante – JEI), facilitates startups to hire highly skilled workforce. It provides for exemptions from corporate tax, local taxes and social security contributions for eligible companies during their first eight years

Moreover France offers competitive labor cost with a higly productive workforce. France is ranked seventh in the world for hourly labor productivity, ahead of Germany (8th) and the United Kingdom (19th) (Conference Board, 2015). Average costs per employee (wages, salaries and statutory costs) are lower in France than in Japan, the United States and Germany. Similarly, business setup and operating costs are lower in France than in Italy, Japan, the United States and Germany (KPMG, Competitive Alternatives, 2014).

The “French Tech Ticket”, a welcome pack for foreign entrepreneurs founding their start-up in France :

The French Tech Ticket encourages international entrepreneurs with bold projects in the start-up or scaling up phase to come to France:

  • Up to €25, 000 grant for each founder
  • Fast-track procedure to obtain a French residence permit
  • Single “Helpdesk” contact point,
  • Business set-up support…

Centrally located in Europe


Located at the heart of Europe, France offers quick and easy access to neighboring countries, with key destinations within a 2,000-km (1,250-mile) radius of Paris (World Travel and Tourism Council). Paris is 1.5 hours by train to Brussels, 3 hours to London, 3.5 hours to Amsterdam.

The combined GDP of the European Union’s 28 Member States exceeds that of the United States.

The European Single Market boasts more than 500 million consumers with high purchasing power, and France is Europe’s second largest consumer market, with more than 65 million inhabitants.

Say Oui to France

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